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Dahon Jack D7 Review

The Dahon Jack 7 folding bike is the perfect bike for riding to and from work while being portable enough to keep it at your desk. The bike folds quickly into a compact size enabling you to keep your bike with you on the train, the bus or at your workstation. Unlike many of the … Continue reading

Dahon Curve D3 Folding Bicycle Review

The Dahon Curve D3 folding bike is a 3 speed bicycle that is perfect for off road or a commute to work in town. The Curve D3 is a smaller folding bike, that allows you the ability to accelerate much faster than it’s larger counterparts, however the smaller wheels do take some getting used to because the larger tires do absorb a lot of the roads imperfections. It is a trade off that is not that big of a deal when you see all the benefits of the Dahon Curve. Continue reading

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike Review

The Dahon Speed Uno folding bike is the latest series from Dahon and is becoming one of the more widely popular folding bikes on today’s market. The growing amount of popularity with bikers in the city, has made many builders, Dahon included, to make their bikes more affordable to the general public. The most noticeable … Continue reading

Dahon D7 Tangerine Speed Folding Bike Review

The Dahon D7 folding bike is one of the best selling models of this style of bike. The D7 received the coveted Business Week’s Best Value Folder Award for its amazing features. This folding bike is extremely light-weight and so easy to carry that many bike enthusiasts are finding difficulties finding any flaws with this … Continue reading

Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike Review

The Dahon Eco C6 is a perfect folding bike for the rider who is on a budget. If you are looking for a basic mode of transportation to work or play, the Dahon Eco will definitely fit the bill. This folding bike was created because of the need for a smaller bike that could easily … Continue reading